100% Digital Loans

We are a RBI authorised NBFC that provides paperless loan solutions

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Quick & simple loan offerings for Salaried or self-employed for meeting personal needs

  • Loan amount

    upto 2 lakhs

  • Interest Rate

    1.80% -3.00% p.m

We fund loans within 24 hours

  • Seamless Onboarding

    No Bank Visits, no Printed document, Completely paperless

  • Zero Foreclosure Charges

    All our loans have No prepayment penalties

  • Quick & Convenient processes

    Avail your Loans within a day, transact through App

  • 100% Transparency & Zero hidden charges

    We tell your exact interest payable and charges upfront

Know how it works

Get Max, your Coolest Personal Finance Assistant

Use Mystro chatbot to ask questions about your Spends like 'How much you spent last month on Bills or food. Its as easy as One-click and personalized to your spend patterns

Neo Bank of a different Order

Bringing your Financial health at the Centre of decision making

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  • No Gimmicky Loans

    We keep it simple. Avail transparently priced Loans & pay-back in EMI

  • Your Financial betterment matter to us

    In-app Convenient tools for you to visualise how you spend and help monitor debt like never before

  • App + Desktop version

    We understand managing 100s of transaction on app is not convenient. You can now track seamless between mobile & desktop