Education Loans

  • Loans in partnership with Education Institutes
  • Support Programs for career boost after Graduation
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Loan Features

We partner with Institutes so that Loans can be affordable to Students


Online Application & Faster Approval rate

End-to-end process is online and save the hassle of cumbersome paperwork. Apply on Mobile app and track your application to loan repayment on app 24x7


Nil to Minimum Downpayment Requirements

Borrowers are required to make Nil to low downpayments compared to conventional Education loans in market

Home Renovation

No Asset Collateral

No Property or other assets are required as collateral for loan


Prepay Loan Anytime without Penalties

Prepay loan anytime when you have surplus and save your Interest

How can I get a Loan ?

  • Our Partner Institute will inform you about Us, at times you may see us at Course checkout page
  • If we have a Registered Institute, you will find them on our Mobile App and apply for the Loan
  • In case you are unable to apply on Mobile app, your case will be referred to us, on which we shall contact you
  • All applications are processed Online.KYC & other eligibility documents are provided by you for Processing
  • If the Application is approved, you cancheck on the App and follow the Steps for Loan Documentation

# All Loans are directly disbursed to Education Institutes only

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